Priory of Sion

“The Priory of Sion was founded in Jerusalem in 1099 by a French king named Godefroi de Bouillon, immediately after he conquered the city.”
Robert Langdon, The Da Vinci Code p. 157

Priory of Sion
Consider This: The Journal Officiel de la République Française records the Priory of Sion as beginning in May of 1956 when it registered with the French government as a new organization.

Still, there are contradicting reports on the existence of The Priory of Sion. is believed to be a secret society supposedly formed in the year 1009 that believes in the relationship between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. While law and many Christian historians have shoved off the Holy Grail documents as fake and The Priory of Sion as pure hoax spread in the year 1956, some famous writers including Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code have publicly supported The Priory of Sion and associated historical beliefs. According to him, the ‘facts’ presented in his novel are based on true events and not completely fictional, please click the following post for more controversies about the book.

Consider This: According to CBS News, the name for the organization does not originate in Jerusalem, but in a local landmark south of Annemasse – a hill called ‘Mont Sion’.

“The identities of living Priory members are kept extremely secret.”
Robert Langdon, The Da Vinci Code p. 113

Priory of Sion
Consider This: When the Priory registered with the French government in 1956, it put the names of its four living members on the record: Pierre Plantard, André Bonhomme, Jean Delaval, and Amand Defago.

Consider This: The articles submitted on formation of the Priory state that its members are to “carry out good deeds, [and] to help the Catholic Church.”

“The Priory’s membership has included some of history’s most cultured individuals: men like Botticelli, Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo and Leonardo Da Vinci.”
Robert Langdon, The Da Vinci Code p. 113

Priory of Sion
Consider This: The Les Dossiers Secrets documents containing the names of the supposed Grand Masters have been found to be forgeries.

Consider This: in 1993 Pierre Plantard admitted in a French court under oath that he had made up the entire Priory story. Chérisey had also admitted their story was false.

Consider This: There is no mention of this organization in any historical document until after 1956.

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