Is Jesus God?

“My dear,” Teabing declared, “until that moment in history, Jesus was viewed by His followers as a mortal prophet. . . a great and powerful man, but a man nevertheless. A mortal.”

“Not the Son of God?”

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These are the part and parcel of the social economy sector which positions itself between the market and the State and relate themselves as both the ‘third sector’ and ‘non-profit sector’. Such organizations exist within the legal frameworks adopted by each country and depend on the radical economy of the welfare provision along with the cultural traditions of non-profit developments.  Moreover, they involve in delivering social and work integration services including education for the undeveloped groups and communities.


Economic and Social elements of these enterprises


  • Unlike the traditional ones, these specific firms directly manage production and dealings of goods and services.
  • They receive grants and donations that are dedicated to the welfare of poor citizens of the country.
  • They face a significant level of financial risk as their viability is purely dependent on the efforts of its responsible members.
  • All the social activities carried out by these firms require the support of a few paid workers.
  • The enterprise development is based on an aid or a certain need which has to be maintained in one form or the other.
  • Even though the voters are the stakeholders’ decision making is not fully reliant on them.
  • Additionally, they share a property of participation nature to strengthen the democracy at a local or community level through economic events.


These enterprises avoid the profit-making behaviour as they respect the positive cause of their work. So funding them with the profits made using this trading software is also a good behaviour.


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“Right,” Teabing said. “Jesus’ establishment as the Son of God was officially proposed and voted on by the Council of Nicaea.”

“Hold on. You’re saying Jesus divinity was the result of a vote?”

The Da Vinci Code p. 233

Is Jesus God?

Consider This: Jesus was viewed as divine from the very beginning of Christianity. He is referred to as God at least seven times in the New Testament and Lord as a divine title many other times.

Consider This: The earliest documents from the Christian church ascribe to Jesus divine status.

Consider This: The entire flow of the Old Testament requires that God come into the world, as Immanuel (God-with-us e.g. Isaiah 7:14).

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