How To Make The Internal Check Effective On Business Sales?

How To Make The Internal Check Effective On Business Sales?

A lot of fraud play incidents have been registered during sales. This can be during sales at the counter, via third parties or even sales carried out via mail order. Strict measures or internal check within a company should be employed to check these false business sales. Learn more about it here.

Practices that can be exercised to make effective sales directly at the counter includes

  • Issuing of differently printed cash memos at each counter with a single dedicated salesman in charge. Again, he must be ordered to fill the sales sheet along with the cash transactions. The point behind this scene is that the summary of cash sales must balance with those cash memos issued by him.


  • Further, if the cash memos are provided with an additional carbon copy, there will be scope for double checking at the instant itself.


  • Another way to prevent the fraud situation is by asking the salesman to only issue the cash memos and in reality, the cash is received on another counter or the cash counter by producing all the cash memos issued by the salesman from the previous counter.


Additionally, if a source of three cash memos are issued to the respective customer and are asked to present these memos at the cash counter for forwarding payment transactions, then the cashier can himself recheck the rates and quantity. Further, the cashier can stamp the business logo or even the cash paid to sign on all the three copies of the purchase bill.


Finally, the cashier can keep a single memo and hand over other two to the respective customer and can further proceed to the goods collecting counter. Here also, the one from those memos are taken back and the other copy is provided to the customer along with his purchased goods.


Thus, this could be the most successful checking process which includes the salesman, the cashier, and the gatekeeper. Lastly, all these memos are to be given to the business manager and he further tallies and certifies the transaction records.

Measures that can be taken if the case include the postal sales

  • Immediate noting down of all the sales made by post should be strictly advised. This includes registering of any goods returned also.
  • All the transaction details including the order made with advance should be registered in the account book and the money collected should be directly deposited in the bank.
  • All the mail and transaction entries should be properly evaluated by a responsible official and should be responded with regards by a dedicated officer.

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