The Da Vinci Code contains many word plays that add fun and mystery to its plot; the twists made with Sangreal are clever but inaccurate (46, 160). Supposedly, the French word for “Holy Grail” is derived from the ancient words sang real, translated to mean “royal blood” (250). However, legends about the existence of a grail did not originate until the medieval stories of Arthur and his knights were created; in these works the term was Sankgreall, and the term “grail” comes from the Latin gradale, which means “platter.”

The holy grail is an architectural motif which has got a special mention in medieval cultural works of France, each tradition describes it in a different way. It is a cup or dish which is used to bring happiness, eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance. This term “holy grail” is used to denote an object or goal sought after because of its significance.Scholars have speculated on the origins of the holy grail which says it contains elements from the Celtic mythology.

This blog deals with the cultural aspects of the holy grail and its significance in the ancient Christian culture. This is thought of as the last cup of Jesus, and he drank from it during the Last Supper. And the same cup was used to collect Jesus’s blood at the time of the crucifixion. But why has the Holy Grail considered very important from ancient culture and tradition?

It is a subject of a lot of mysteries and myths which confuses scholars from distinguishing it from facts or fiction. Much literary fictions show the grail to be possessing miraculous features and healing powers. The quest for this Holy grail was first found in the written work in an old French romantic novel.Later on, its Christian significance was mentioned in many poems of that era.

In Chretien’s poem Perceval(from 1170), the grail was thought of as a flat dish, not a chalice. (The literal translation of “royal blood” into French would be le sang royal, which, as a native of France, the fictional Sophie would know.) On the “Sangreal” documents Dan Brown references (256), see hidden documents; purist documents; see also Holy Blood, Holy Grail; Holy Grail; Knights Templar.

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