The Priory of Sion

Dan Brown begins The Da Vinci Code with a page labeled “Fact,” on which he describes the Priory of Sion as “a European society founded in 1099, a real organization” (1). The Priory is Brown’s central focus of conspiracy, power, wealth, and historical significance; he based much of his “research” on the book Holy BloodHoly Grail, in which supposedly long-undiscovered documents (Les Dossiers Secrets) reveal the history of this society and contain an actual list of the Priory’s Grand Masters-including such men as Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, and Victor Hugo (113).

It has nothing to do with the dubious investment systems that are mainly regarded as a scam and provides access to some of the most reliable and trustworthy investment tools and special features in this respective digital sphere.

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For the purpose of fundraising, trading can be carried out by

  • The charity members itself
  • The charity volunteers who operate a specific part or branch of already existing one
  • An unconnected third party or friends who raise funds and pass them to charity as a supporter.


Fundraising by means of trading for charities has the following advantages when compared to individual and independent bodies supporting charities by other means

  • Trading charities are ensured with the direct tax exemptions and so profits are truly tax-free while individuals are accounted for tax payments
  • VAT exclusions on traded money are applicable to direct charities whereas the independent ones have to register for these taxes.
  • It is not tax-effective even if the individuals decide to convert their profits as a tool to get assets and donate to charity
  • In addition to these, the charity expenses met by the third party are made to meet the tax deduction
  • Moreover, any kind of donations made to the charity through friends do not scheme as a Gift Aid


The practical issues faced by the charity branch volunteers include

  • Whether the charity head institution is informed of the fundraising activities going on.
  • The volunteers are properly trained for fixing the tax issues.
  • Ensuring these taxable events pass a trading subsidiary and so on.


Whatever be the issues, please make sure you meet all the concerned statements once you start supporting charity via trading.


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In truth, the Priory was a club created in 1956 by Pierre Plantard, who later testified under oath that he had fabricated the entire hoax. The actual society existed only in the novel and in the mind of the late Pierre Plantard. See also Dossiers Secrets, LesHoly BloodHoly Grail; Plantard, Pierre.

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