Apocalypse of Paul

Late-fourth-century Christian writing; also known as The Vision of Paul; a reworking of Apocalypse of Peter that claimed to have been unearthed in Cilicia of Tarsus, the apostle Paul’s hometown. The ancient church historian Sozomen (d. c. 447) investigated this claim and found evidence that the document had originated during the reign of Emperor Theodosius I (r. 378-395); Paul clearly didn’t write it.

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Ok, it’s time to know what happened after Sozomen’s evidence! One variant copy, known as The Apocalypse of the Virgin, replaces Paul with Mary, mother of Jesus. No early Christian writer considered either work to have any authority for believers or any place among the New Testament Scriptures. (The Apocalypse of Paul is frequently confused with The Coptic Apocalypse of Paul.) See also apostle; canonCoptic Apocalypse of Paul.

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