Da Vinci, Doubt and Atheism
When The Da Vinci Code movie was released, my wife and I went to see it. I wanted to be able to know the differences between the book and the film and also speak about it in an informed manner. We arrived for a matinee about an hour and a half early, not knowing how long the lines may be.

Once we bought our tickets we had some time to kill, so we strolled over to a Borders bookstore. There, I overheard a lady excitedly talking to a friend on her cell phone. She had just seen the picture and was very animated about it. I overheard her say “…and everything is presented so clearly, there’s just no way you can deny it. This will finally expose the truth.” She was obviously referring to the ideas presented that Christianity is a religion with a false past. She seemed confident that this film will finally prove historic Christianity as based on a lie.

One of the reasons that TheTruthAboutDaVinci.com exists is to examine and discuss these objections and to show that they don’t measure up. We want you to be informed. As the DVD gets ready to be released in the U.S., we will undoubtedly see more people use it to bolster their own disbelief. It is just one of several tactics being used in the war against faith.

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A new salvo in that war is highlighted in this month’s Wired magazine. The article is entitled “The Church of the Non-Believer” and features three main proponents who are seeking to destroy religious belief. We felt the issue was important enough to write a rejoinder, which you may read here. When the DVD is released, it may foster more discussion. However, it may also just be absorbed by viewers who will unwittingly assume that at least some of its claims are true and then when an attack on faith comes along they are preconditioned to be more accepting of the argument. But, we believe that the truth is the only thing that matters. Equip yourself and your friends. Know the arguments and know the facts. Ask people what they thought of the claims in the movie. You may be providing the antidote of truth before someone even catches the disease.

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Testing Faith and Teaching Tools
India is an interesting place. It has a population of nearly 1.1 billion people; most of whom are profoundly religious, with Hinduism being the dominant faith. In talking with an Indian friend, I asked him about Hindu beliefs and how they approach the belief systems of other faiths. He told me that Hindus are taught to respect all religious beliefs and places of worship, since there may be some truth to them.

That outlook may be why the Indian censor board required an adults only rating for The Da Vinci Code when it was released in theaters. The local Christian congregations in Mumbai protested the release with a hunger strike. But the book and movie did well and Dan Brown’s story was hugely popular there, proving that controversy helps sell wherever you are.

Now, according to CNN-IBN news reports, some Indian Christian churches have decided to take a different tact. With growing questions about Dan Brown’s claims, especially from young Christians, a local church in Mumbai has created a special Da Vinci Code study to look at the topics the book and movie touch on and examine the evidence. The article quotes one congregant saying “To some extent it does raise questions in my mind.”

I’ve always believed the truth should never be afraid of the hard questions or of honest examination. If something is true, then after being tested it will still stand. In fact, my beliefs are strengthened when they are put to the test and still hold up.

I bring this up because we’re just two weeks away for the release of The Da Vinci Code DVD, and although it seems like no one on the planet hasn’t read the book or seen the movie, the DVD will give new momentum to those questions that are raised as the Indian woman noted. But, the release also gives people the opportunity to examine the points in the film and have answers for them. Many materials are available for you right here on our Web site. We’ve posted a new Question and Answer section to help you with the historic facts. There’s also a DVD companion guide that you may download and print out for free to give to others who are interested in the movie. Check out our Resources section for even more materials you can use.

I think that many assume the movie can’t have any more impact than it already has, and that’s simply not true. As we saw in India, people not only have questions, but are interested in the truth. They have 300 kids coming out to their Da Vinci Code study every week, seeking answers to the film. I say, if people are seeking the truth, let’s be sure to give it to them.

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