Snapcash binary system – A helping hand in financial market

Snapcash binary is the most sought after trading application among the traders today.  This system is quite powerful. Austin Ford who is a software programmer is the creator of this system.  Snapcash trading software is an automated system which lets the users to invest and trade in the market effortlessly.

Once they get registered, they could set the accounts according to their preferences.  The setting of this system is highly configurable which means it could be changed whenever you want. The users have the option to change the settings to match their trading requirements and style. Since it has tie up with many brokers, it has wide selection of different currencies, stocks, commodities and indices.  Users could pick whichever the asset they wish to trade from the given list and choose the amount to invest. Also, the traders have the option to select number of trader which they wish to conduct daily.

In all the snapcash binary review, users points out that this is the easiest investment tool currently available in the market. It contains myriad tools and features which assists the users in their tasks. The binary systems operates remotely, you need not have to be in front of the system all the time.

Getting started with the software

Follow the below mentioned steps to start using the software.

  • First you need to go to the official website for signing up.
  • Complete the form that is given on homepage.
  • The next step you need to do is to register with the broker. Go through all the information given and join the broker.
  • Pay a minimum deposit to initiate the process.
  • Now the software will be activated. You need to choose which mode you need to do transactions. You could choose the manual mode if you wish to transact on your own. If you are familiar with the market and its proceedings, you can go ahead and conduct all the transaction on your own. Or else, you have the option to select autopilot mode. This facility is for the people who are new to the market and for the people who do not have ample time to invest for online trading. Whatever the reason be, auto pilot facility will transact on your behalf.

All the traders are quite happy with the system as there is no complex process to begin trading and with the autopilot mode anyone can be a part of the financial market.

Study the features of the software:

Trading Online can be something which is very challenging when you are not aware of the pros and cons of it. It may look like a hobby or a game, but to survive and win in this act, a lot of determination and smart work is essential. Thus to make use of this wonderful opportunity is a very positive manner, you need to follow some tips and be aware of the online climate. Check out the further information from the following article.

Some of the important points to remember when trading online are:

1.Keep antivirus on your device which protects your software and your hardware: you must check for a well-known antivirus setup for the safety of your system and your program so that there is no loss of any data. Also, keep the anti-spyware to prevent from any hackers to interfere. Thus before you begin, do a full scan to be sure of safety.

  1. Know and verify the company’policy: when you select to trade online with a particular company try to understand the complete policy regulations of the company so that it is easy and safe to go further and make some profitable contract. Then it makes your trade deal easy and better.

3.Choose a reputable company: Once you decide to trade online and make it a profitable earning, then it is safe and advisable to know the entire details of the company and its reputation. This will give you a clear outlook on how the company is working and its sustainability in the future.

  1. Research your Etrading Provider: get to know the details about your Etrading provider.Because there are a lot of fraudulent activities on the internet which will hinder the smooth trading options. Therefore it is best to know more about the trading software so that it is easy to trade.
  2. 5. Study the features of the software: in order to use the software and then make it an effective earning process, you need to know how to use the software and then its convenient for you. Firstly find about all the features of the software you will be using, then the process of trading becomes easy and technically you make more profits. So there are two types of automation modes, the manual mode, and autopilot mode which will be helpful for the profit-making.

Thus make sure to go through these tips when you are a beginner of trade.

Know more about Bitcoin code

In 2017, Steve Mckay introduced the cryptocurrency trading robot, bitcoin code to the industry.  This software was designed in such a way that it could be used by all kinds of people.  If you are a newbie or an expert professional in online trading, you will realize that using this software for investment purpose as a rewarding experience.

Using Bitcoin code

It is very easy and convenient to use. It is fully automated and conducts the entire trading process on its own.  It does all the difficult work of conducting research and analyzing the trends. The software has been programmed with the help of mathematical codes and complex algorithms. Hence it will ensure that it gives only accurate signals.

Coming to the using of this system, you need to sign up and activate the system.  The users need to give commands that will be followed by the software.  For instance, if you give the instruction as to conduct only 3 trades in a day, it will adhere to the command and will only execute 3 trades.  The system will stick to the parameters which the users have set.  The users have the option to either to give the entire control to the trading robot or take decisions on your own based on all the signals that have been generated. This means they could choose either to go for semi-automated or fully automated modes.

Getting started with the software

The bitcoin code have proven itself it is one of the most reliable choice one could make while investing in cryptocurrency.  You only have to follow the below mentioned steps to begin trading.

  • Sign up- The traders have to initially visit the website of the software and fill out the form given.
  • Join the broker- The system will automatically assign you a broker who will assist you through the trading process. You need not worry about the genuineness of the broker as it is associated only with legit and expert broker in the field.
  • Make a deposit- The next step is to make a deposit of a nominal amount to begin the process.
  • Configure the settings and begin trading- You need to set the settings according to your preference to start trading in auto pilot mode. Or else you could opt for the manual mode and do the transactions on your own. The users could collect all the earnings when the day ends and you could withdraw the money whenever the minimum threshold of the account has been reached.

Why to opt for bitcoin code

Many people are joining the cryptocurrency market with the sole purpose of making a profit. The investors have been able to reap in commendable profits which are attracting more and more people to this market. However, investing in Litecoin, ehtereum, bitcoin and others are profitable, the process takes up quite a bit of your time and you need to possess wise trading practices. The user needs to know when to buy or sell the assets. In order to help the traders with this, cryptorobot named bitcoin code was developed.  The bitcoin code is automatic trading software which has been designed to conduct trades on your behalf.

Benefits of choosing bitcoin code

The bitcoin code review in the market has been only positive and people are quite happy with the software. Listed below are few of the benefits of opting for bitcoin code software.

  • Software is free- You don’t have to pay anything to access the software. You only have to pay the broker charges for the service he offers.
  • No downloads- The biggest advantage of this software is that it does not have to be downloaded to your system. You could straight away conduct the transactions using the web browser. Wherever you are, which part of the globe you are, you could conduct the transactions if you have an internet connection.  Hence, there is no unnecessary wastage of your system space.
  • Customer support- The customer support is there to solve all your problems and give solutions to your queries. They could be accessed 24/7.
  • Complete control of the settings- You have the power to set the settings according to your preferences. You could opt which asset you need to trade in, how much amount to invest and how many trades to be conducted in a day. However, if you don’t wish to do it on your own, you have the option to switch to auto-pilot mode where in the software will take all the trading decisions on your behalf.
  • Multiple indicators- You have the option to choose from multiple indicators. You could either use one or use more than one.

With the above mentioned benefits one could easily trade in cryptocurrency which has been gaining wide popularity over the last few years.  The market is getting bigger day by day with more people joining in. All you need to do is to access the software and start earning money effortlessly.

The Priory of Sion

Dan Brown begins The Da Vinci Code with a page labeled “Fact,” on which he describes the Priory of Sion as “a European society founded in 1099, a real organization” (1). The Priory is Brown’s central focus of conspiracy, power, wealth, and historical significance; he based much of his “research” on the book Holy BloodHoly Grail, in which supposedly long-undiscovered documents (Les Dossiers Secrets) reveal the history of this society and contain an actual list of the Priory’s Grand Masters-including such men as Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, and Victor Hugo (113).

It has nothing to do with the dubious investment systems that are mainly regarded as a scam and provides access to some of the most reliable and trustworthy investment tools and special features in this respective digital sphere.

Our investigation verifies the results stated on the official users and we consider the crypto software to be a legit and authentic way to earn a good secondary or primary income on the Internet. Users can safely proceed to get started with it. As a result of this Bitcoin Trader initiative, there arises an opportunity to grow your own charity and diversify its income streams. Almost half of the existing charitable organization already confirms that trading and fundraising are their most innovative and important source of income generation.


For the purpose of fundraising, trading can be carried out by

  • The charity members itself
  • The charity volunteers who operate a specific part or branch of already existing one
  • An unconnected third party or friends who raise funds and pass them to charity as a supporter.


Fundraising by means of trading for charities has the following advantages when compared to individual and independent bodies supporting charities by other means

  • Trading charities are ensured with the direct tax exemptions and so profits are truly tax-free while individuals are accounted for tax payments
  • VAT exclusions on traded money are applicable to direct charities whereas the independent ones have to register for these taxes.
  • It is not tax-effective even if the individuals decide to convert their profits as a tool to get assets and donate to charity
  • In addition to these, the charity expenses met by the third party are made to meet the tax deduction
  • Moreover, any kind of donations made to the charity through friends do not scheme as a Gift Aid


The practical issues faced by the charity branch volunteers include

  • Whether the charity head institution is informed of the fundraising activities going on.
  • The volunteers are properly trained for fixing the tax issues.
  • Ensuring these taxable events pass a trading subsidiary and so on.


Whatever be the issues, please make sure you meet all the concerned statements once you start supporting charity via trading.


How Does the Crypto Mining Tool Work?

This crypto robot’s computer algorithm was programmed in such a way as to successfully search for and find profitable crypto exchange mining opportunities. It then executes financially fruitful operations and all of the earned sums go into the trading account of the user.



In truth, the Priory was a club created in 1956 by Pierre Plantard, who later testified under oath that he had fabricated the entire hoax. The actual society existed only in the novel and in the mind of the late Pierre Plantard. See also Dossiers Secrets, LesHoly BloodHoly Grail; Plantard, Pierre.

Plantard, Pierre

French fascist who did prison time for association with an anti-Semitic, anti-Masonic group called Alpha Galates; also did time for fraud and embezzlement. Plantard posed as an expert on the Knights Templar; when he was interviewed by the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, his claims to be a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion were made public. These claims were based upon documents (called Les Dossiers Secrets, buried deep within the National Library in Paris) that were actually forged genealogies discreetly planted in such a way as to appear hidden. In 1993 Plantard confessed to having created both the documents and the entire Priory of Sion hoax.

Unfortunately, to attain the popularity, many people follow such negative methods, which is also common in the field of Forex trading practice. While forex trading robots are indeed profitable, not all are reliable, as greedy scammers are trying to earn money with their infamous tactics. To avoid them and, at the same time to find the suitable bot, see this! So, lets, see what more Plantard has got to say with his infamous act!

Plantard and his friend Andre Bonhomme had organized the small group known as Priory of Sion, in 1956, to endorse affordable housing; they published a pamphlet entitled Circuit to promote their ideas. They abandoned their cause in 1957, and in the years after the breakup, Plantard created documents that would later be placed in the Bibliothe`que Nationale as proof that a secret society guarded the identity of a royal bloodline, beginning with Mary Magdalene and Jesus and continuing through the French Merovingian kings to the present Saint-Clair family. The current descendants of Jesus supposedly included Plantard himself.

In 1989, Plantard revised some of the forged documents, adding to the list of Grand Masters the name of Roger-Patrice Pelat, a friend of French President Franc¸ois Mitterand. During a financial scandal involving Pelat, Plantard, called to testify, swore under oath that he had invented the Priory’s entire history and existence. When the judge had his home searched, more false documents were discovered that purposed to show Plantard as the true heir to the French throne. This time Plantard was not sentenced to prison.

In 1975, Plantard had begun to associate himself with the Saint-Clair family, who were associated with the Freemasons who had built Rosslyn Chapel. This false name provided Plantard with a “bloodline” to prove he was descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene; when he was forced to recant on the entire fabrication, this too was discounted.

Holy Blood, Holy Grail, which relied heavily upon Plantard’s “evidence,” served as the basis for much of Dan Brown’s information concerning the Priory of Sion. See also Alpha Galates; Bibliothe`que Nationale de France; Dossiers Secrets, LesHoly Blood, Holy Grail; Knights Templar; Priory of Sion.

Apocalypse of Paul

Late-fourth-century Christian writing; also known as The Vision of Paul; a reworking of Apocalypse of Peter that claimed to have been unearthed in Cilicia of Tarsus, the apostle Paul’s hometown. The ancient church historian Sozomen (d. c. 447) investigated this claim and found evidence that the document had originated during the reign of Emperor Theodosius I (r. 378-395); Paul clearly didn’t write it.

What Sozomen did is highly commendable and in fact, should be followed in every significant circumstance possible, which is verifying a claim made before deciding to go on or believe in it. While some of the claims might bring no harm, others might ruin your situation if not confirmed, such as the situation with these growing cryptocurrency trading robots. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is the future of the world and trading or investing in them would lead to yours and anyone’s profitable future but, venturing the practice that too without verifying the veracity of the trading platform can lead you to face devastating situations that would blacken, both your present and the future, undoubtedly.

Therefore, utmost caution has to be exercised while choosing your trading platform, especially the automated ones to not only gain the benefits but also to stay away from the scammers. The automated cryptocurrency robots are indeed, profitable as they are based on the sophisticated Artificial Intelligence technology that provides nil to very less room for errors and faulty predictions. That is why, even experts favor them, whose growing popularity has also lead to the growing scammers trying to utilize the situation in their favor. To stay away from them forever and, also, to choose a suitable automated cryptocurrency system, always go with the genuine reviews available on the internet, such as this Bitcoin Trader review to gain only the positive results! Also, this kind of reviews provides the complete picture of the trading bot, which would allow you to make an informed decision depending upon your trading position and trading expectations, which is certainly favorable for achieving favorable outcomes!

Ok, it’s time to know what happened after Sozomen’s evidence! One variant copy, known as The Apocalypse of the Virgin, replaces Paul with Mary, mother of Jesus. No early Christian writer considered either work to have any authority for believers or any place among the New Testament Scriptures. (The Apocalypse of Paul is frequently confused with The Coptic Apocalypse of Paul.) See also apostle; canonCoptic Apocalypse of Paul.

Muratorian Fragment


Late-second-century document; discovered in the 1700s by a priest named Muratori; an ancient listing of books recog­nized as part of the New Testament canon; called a ‘‘fragment’’ because its first portion is missing. In The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown claims that men who possessed ‘‘a political agenda . . . to solidify their own power base’’ (231–34) established the New Testament canon in the fourth cen­tury. The Muratorian Fragment demonstrates that most New Testament books were established in the canon no later than the second century. Accepted by its author were the four gospels, Acts, Paul’s letters, Jude, two letters of John (the second of these may include the two books known today as 2 and 3 John), Revelation, and Wisdom of Solomon.

Although he personally accepts Apocalypse of Peterthe author admits that ‘‘some will not allow it to be read in the church.’’ He rejects Shepherd of Hermas, stating that ‘‘it cannot be read publicly to the people in church either among the Prophets, whose number is complete, or among the Apostles, for it is after their time.’’ Hebrews, James, and 1 and 2 Peter were not yet listed, but the Muratorian Fragment demonstrates that most of the New Testament canon was fixed as early as 170. See also apocryphaBible; canon.


October 13

According to Dan Brown (DVC, 159-60), this date is the origin for the unlucky “Friday the thirteenth,” though there are many theories on that designation’s origin.

A subject or a matter having more than one theories is not anything unusual but, at the same time, it isn’t necessary that all these theories are indeed, true. While certain theories could have solid backings, others might be based only on mere assumptions and therefore, good to overlook in the interest of the benefits. This statement is indeed, true in the case of the automated cryptocurrency trading systems, where most of the negative claims available on the internet are without any proof and only based on the unfortunate hearsays.

Following them can actually deprive you of the awesome benefits you could enjoy, as popular crypto robots like the Bitcoin Loophole are capable of offering you some remarkable benefits due to its matchless market prediction skills! It is because it is based on a cutting-edge technology that can understand the market movements so quickly and accurately. With the prevailing bubble situation of the cryptocurrencies, being quick and accurate are very much essential, which can only be offered by such an automated cryptocurrency trading software, undoubtedly!


For those who still doubt its authenticity, please be informed that the system not only offers you a profitable way to venture the cryptocurrency investment practice but also to venture it free of cost, as the software is readily accessible by anyone without paying any money in the name of service charge or the fees. By making your minimum investment deposit of $250, you are good to go with your trading ventures profitably, any day!

Now that things about the crypto robots are settled, it’s time to settle out the differences prevailing regarding the October 13th! On October 13, 1307, France’s King Philip IV ordered the abrupt arrest of all the Knights Templar, which had accrued considerable monies and lands in two centuries. Philip accused the Templars of various forms of sacrilege, and since they were a tightly disciplined secret order, they had difficulty disclosing their true activities. Pope Clement V vehemently protested the king’s actions, and he suspended the bishops and inquisitors who helped interrogate and torture the Knights, but by 1312 he had become persuaded that the order was sufficiently nefarious and corrupt to suppress it. Dan Brown’s account eliminates Philip’s role in the process, singularly blaming the pope, who in fact had initially tried valiantly to protect the order. See also Clement V, Pope; Knights Templar; Philip IV, King.

Nag Hammadi papyri,


Collection of more than forty Gnostic documents, unearthed in the mid-1940s near Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt. According to The Da Vinci Code, these are “the earliest Christian records. Troublingly, they do not match up with the gospels in the Bible” (245-46).

The Nag Hammadi documents do not “match up with the gospels in the Bible”-that much is true. The documents found at Nag Hammadi are not, however, “the earliest Christian records.” The documents in the New Testament were written between AD 40 and 100. Most of the texts at Nag Hammadi were copied between the third and fifth centuries AD. In fact, the oldestdocument at Nag Hammadi is probably Gospel of Thomas, which seems to have been written around AD 140-nearly a half-century later than the latest New Testament text!

Well, this shows, before deciding to believe in anything do your own thorough research work to only follow the truth and gain the maximum benefits, which is also true for your cryptocurrency trading venture. Although the automated platforms like the Bitcoin Trader software are indeed reliable, only when you do a thorough research work you can understand how remarkably they can benefit you!  Back to Nag Hammadi papyri!

Because so much of Dan Brown’s argument in The Da Vinci Code hinges on the dates and contents of these texts, we’ve included a complete listing of the Nag Hammadi documents, with a summary of the contents and the approximate date of each document’s original composition.


Approximate Date of Composition Summary of Contents
Acts of Peter and the Twelve AD 150-250 Tale of a pearl merchant who turns out to be Jesus; not to be confused with the Christian writing Acts of Peter from the late second century
Allogenes AD 300-350 Refers to Gnostics as members of the race of Seth (allogenes means “from another race”)
Apocalypse of Adam AD 160-300 Adam tells Seth how he and Eve became more powerful than their Creator, never explicitly mentions any Christian themes or characters
Apocalypse of James 1 AD 200-300 Supposed dialogue between Jesus and James the brother of Jesus
Apocalypse of James 2 AD 150-180 Supposed dialogue between Jesus and James the brother of Jesus, ending with James’ martyrdom
Apocryphon of James AD 140-160 Mildly Gnostic letter, claiming to come from James the brother of Jesus
Apocryphon of John AD 160-200 Presents the deity of the Old Testament and creator of the physical world as an evil demigod



Approximate Date of Composition Summary of Contents
Asclepius Uncertain Greek philosophicaltractate
Authoritative Teaching AD 150-200 Gnostic tractate, urging people to avoid physical pleasures
Book of Thomas the Contender AD 150-225 Supposed”secret words” spoken by Jesus to Thomas and recorded by Matthias; perhaps connected to the Gospel of Matthias
Concept of Our Great Power AD 300-390 Gnostic description of salvation and of the end of the world
Coptic Apocalypse of Paul AD 160-260, perhaps Describes Paul’s supposed ascension through several levels of heaven
Coptic Apocalypse of Peter AD 250-300 Describes Jesus as if he possessed no physical body
Coptic Gospel of the Egypttians AD 200-300 Presents Jesus as the rein carnation of Seth, third son of Adam and Eve
Dialogue of the Savior AD 150-200 Found only in fragments, which present a consistently negative view of sexuality and of women
Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth AD 150-200 Guide for Gnostics to experience the mystical realm
Epistle of Peter to Philip AD 180-220 Supposed letter, followed by a Gnostic discourse concerning the nature of Jesus Christ



Approximate Date of Composition Summary of Contents
Eugnostos the Blessed Uncertain Presentation of Gnostic cosmology; some elements may be pre-Christian
Exegesis on the Soul AD 200-250 Short story, recounting the Gnostic myth of the soul’s fall from heaven
Gospel of Philip AD 160-300 Collection of Gnostic sayings from several previous writings, apparently reflecting the teachings of Valentinus
Gospel of Thomas AD 130-150 List of supposed sayings of Jesus
Gospel of Truth AD 250-350 Gnostic reworking of the Creation and of the ministry of Jesus
Hypostatis of the Archons AD 250-350 Mythological presentation of Gnostic cosmology
Hypsiphrone Uncertain Fragments of text describe the descent of a heavenly figure similar to Sophia
Interpretation of Knowledge AD 160-200 Valentinian reinterpretation of the teachings of Jesus and Paul
Marsanes AD 200-300 Descriptions of Gnostic experience and rituals
Melchizedek AD 200-300 Fragments of text seem to provide a Gnostic reinterpretation of the Old Testament account of Melchizedek
Origin of the World AD 290-330 Presentation of Gnostic theology



Approximate Date of Composition Summary of Contents
Paraphrase of Shem Uncertain Fragments, presenting a negative view of sexuality
Prayer of Thanksgiving AD 150-250 Brief prayer of gratitude for having received gnosis
Prayer of the Apostle Paul AD 160-300 Brief prayer with similarities to Three Steles of Seth and Gospel of Philip
Republic (Plato) Uncertain Gnostic adaptation of the philosopher Plato’s classic work
Sentences of Sextus Uncertain List of wise sayings
Sophia of Jesus Christ Uncertain, some portions may stem from the late first or early second centuries List of supposed questions from the apostles, to which Jesus provides Gnostic answers; probably an adaptation of Eugnostos
Teachings of Silvanus AD 160-220 Unlike other Nag Hammadi documents, not a Gnostic text; emphasizes spiritual growth through self-denial
Testimony of Truth AD 180-220 Polemic against competing Gnostic groups
Thought of Norea AD 180-240 Depicts a feminine savior, apparently the counterpart of the biblical figure Seth
Three Steles of Seth AD 220-260 Includes many Gnostic hymns and prayers



Approximate Date of Composition Summary of Contents
Thunder, Perfect Mind Uncertain A divine female figure,”Thunder,” sings hymns about herself; not clearly Gnostic, Jewish, or Christian in origin
Treatise of the Great Seth Uncertain Supposedly the words of Jesus to a group of Gnostic believers; Simon of Cyrene is crucified instead of Jesus
Treatise on the Resurrection AD 180-200 Brief letter denying the future physical resurrection of believers
Trimorphic Protennoia AD 160-200 Description of the descent of”the First Thought” of God into the world
Tripartite Tractate AD 200-250 Gnostic description of salvation history and cosmology
Valentinian Exposition on Baptism, Anointing, and the Eucharist AD 150-180 Gnostic reinterpretations of Chrisian rituals
Zostrianos AD 260-300 Description of Gnostic cosmology

See also Apocryphon of John; Bible; canonCoptic Apocalypse of PaulCoptic Apocalypse of PeterCoptic Gospel of the EgyptiansDialogue of the SaviorGnosticismGospel of PhilipGospel of ThomasGospel of Truth; Gospels, canonical.


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